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What is the 3-Tier System and Why is it Important?

The three-tier system is established in all 50 states and was put in place over 80 years ago to correct abuses created prior to Prohibition. Times has changed but the 3-Tier System is still doing its job.


Mississippi Beer Distributors Impact on Mississippi Economy


Total economic impact for the state of Mississippi produced by the distributors of the Mississippi Beer Distributors Association for 2020 was $582.1 million. This impact is broken down by wages and salaries ($68 million), community economic impacts ($1.5 million), capital expenditures ($24.7 million), and taxes ($96.9 million). This study is annually produced by the National Beer Wholesalers Association and it investigates individual state economic impacts. Mississippi's beer industry is going strong. #MSBeersToThat!

Click here to see full impact report.



What Do American's Think About Alcohol?


Biennially, the Center commissions a national survey on public opinion surrounding state alcohol regulations. These polls have consistently demonstrated that the long-standing alcohol regulatory system in the United States works and people like it; that Americans are satisfied with current alcohol regulations in their state; and that Americans want alcohol laws to prioritize health and safety. Further, this poll found that the public believes lawmakers should evaluate the impact of COVID-19 inspired deregulations before making them permanent.

See full survey, conducted by New Bridge Strategy, results here.



Capital City Beverage Delivers Over 37,000 Bottles of Water to Residents


Senator John Horhn and Capital City Beverage teamed up to help residents out during the current boil water issues in Jackson. This bottled water giveaway provided residents with drinking water to help with their day-to-day needs. 


Review full WJTV report by clicking here.



Congratulations Magnolia Beverage Company for 85 years!


Founded in 1934 with two trucks and a salesman, Magnolia has been a beverage distribution provider for the city of Meridian, keeping shelves stocked with beer, wine and nonalcoholic beverages in stores and restaurants. Congrats from your Mississippi Beer Distributors Association!


Read more about their story here!


When good friends get together to celebrate and have a good time, the only thing on their minds is what kind of beer they’ll raise for the toast! Thanks to the Mississippi Beer Distributors Association, you don’t have to wonder about the quality of your favorite brew! Your beer is cold and ready whenever you are!

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